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Selling your car couldn't be easier! It's as simple as filling out our easy form and we will be back in touch with a cash offer for your car. Once the price is agreed, we can call over to collect the car and get you paid immediately!

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Because we are Dublin based, we can actually provide even better prices for customers looking to get cash for their car in the Dublin area. As we do not have to travel far we focus more on beating our competitor prices.

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Welcome – Get Cash For Cars Dublin & Ireland.

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When you come to us you can be sure that we provide a fast and efficient service for people wanting to get cash for their cars in Dublin and throughout Ireland. We offer real money for a range of vehicles. We buy cars for cash from 2004 onward and you can simply fill out the form here for a fast cash offer. Get cash for cars in Dublin and Ireland with one simple click!

When you fill out and submit our easy to use form, you will be contacted promptly with an offer on your vehicle. Once the price is agreed we will call to you, check the car and give you cash for your car! Get paid fast, instant cash for your car in Dublin and surrounding counties including Wicklow, Meath, Kildare, Louth and Westmeath.

Trust the experts when it comes for getting cash for your car in Ireland! Got Any Questions? Then please see our FAQ page here.

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With us, we offer a quick and easy method online for customers wishing to get cash for their cars. Simply fill out our online form and we will get back to you with a genuine offer. If you would rather contact us first, you can do so here.

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Here at we believe in providing the best online and offline service to our valued customers. We endeavor to provide the best portal to clients wishing to get a fair and genuine offer for their vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At We Buy Any Vehicle we know there's a lot involved when it comes to deciding to sell your car. Many questions come up and below we have outlined some answers.

Why Sell My Car?

If you are looking for fast cash for your car in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland then we provide the most simple solution to sell your car.

Can't I Sell My Car Myself?

Absolutely, if you have the time to filter out the genuine calls from the tyrekickers then you could sell your car yourself - the difference with us that we make it convenient and hassle free.

Does My Vehicle Have To Run?

On some occassions we make cash offers for cars that are non runners depending on the make and issue it's having.

How Much Cash Can I Get For My Car?

We will give you a fair cash price for your car, but the amount we give depends on the condition, make, model and year and can vary between various car, van or jeep models.

Does My Car Have To Have a NCT?

We can pay good cash for your car in Ireland with or without any test on it as we have a recovery truck to collect non roadworthy vehicles.

Do I Have To Accept The Cash Offer You Give Me?

Absolutely not. Our car buyers will offer you as much as they can but you are under NO obligation to accept the offer!